The College of Biotechnology at Al-Qadisiyah University participated in a workshop during the Sustainable Development Week conference at the College of Arts, Al-Qadisiyah University. The workshop was attended by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Asst Prof. Najla Abdullah Daoud, Asst Prof. Alaa Kamel Al-Taie, and lecturer. Dr. Ihsan Abdel Hadi Kazem. The workshop included addressing the topic of climate change, i.e. an influential and long-term change in the average weather condition that occurs in a specific area. This could include the weather condition, average temperature, precipitation rate, and wind condition.
The lecturers at the workshop explained that climate change is a widespread global phenomenon that occurs mostly through the burning of fuel, which releases into the atmosphere heat-trapping gases (greenhouse gases), water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and other changes such as sea level rise and mass loss. Glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica, icebergs around the world, changing bloom dates, and extreme weather events. The impact of climate change and the solutions that must be followed to participate in the world’s sustainable development steps

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