College of Biotechnology/University of Al-Qadisiyah
The College of Biotechnology was established as one of the colleges of Al-Qadisiyah University according to the Ministerial Order No. (Q/5/1266) dated 5/4/2014, with two departments: the Department of Medical Biotechnology and the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology. The college follows the semester system for the four-year study period. It is one of the colleges of Al-Qadisiyah University. The newly established specialized scientific colleges in Iraq in particular and the world in general, as their establishment was one of the most important scientific steps of the presidency of Al-Qadisiyah University, which aspires to development in all modern fields, especially the great progress that has occurred recently regarding scientific research on biotechnology in the research, scientific and industrial fields.
The college’s location became in the former College of Arts building until the site designated for the college was prepared, as the academic year 2014-2015 was the first academic year to begin initial studies there. The duration of study in the college is four years as the college follows the semester system, and (103) students were accepted. With a total ranging between (563-657) in the first year and (103) students with a total of (577-658) in the second year.

College vision:
Active participation in various fields of biotechnology applications and keeping pace with the development of biotechnology sciences in the world and the extent of benefiting from them in the research, scientific and industrial fields in our beloved country.
College mission and goals
General concept:
Biotechnology is considered one of the newest, most important and most developed branches of the biological sciences. It is simply defined as the use of scientific and cognitive concepts in harnessing living organisms or their parts in various production processes. The applications of biotechnology have entered the medical, industrial, environmental, and agricultural fields…etc., which has formed an economic backbone. Important and wide scope for international companies to compete in all countries of the world because of the scientific, qualitative, economic and modern solutions they provide.

College mission:
The College of Biotechnology works to graduate students who are primarily directed to meet the needs of diverse job opportunities in many scientific institutions, ministries, and research centers.
College objectives:
1- Preparing scientific cadres and supplying the labor market with its need of specialists in the fields of biotechnology such as health, agriculture, industry, defence, education, scientific research, and others.
2- Encouraging scientific research and providing students with basic skills in vital technologies and applications.
3- Encouraging the teaching staff to participate in seminars, courses and scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq.
4- Providing the community with holders of advanced master’s and doctoral degrees who are qualified to work as researchers in various research fields that keep pace with scientific progress.
5- Contributing to solving scientific problems that contribute to serving the country’s development plans.
6- Enriching research projects for the final stage and developing the spirit of research, conclusion, and competition in annual conferences.
7- Preserving the environment, disposing of waste using biotechnology, and searching for alternative energy sources.
Description of the graduate of the Faculty of Biotechnology:
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
A graduate of the Faculty of Biotechnology holds the title of biotechnical engineer. They can work in many medical, industrial, agricultural and environmental fields, as well as in the security and military fields. They can also work as researchers in various biotechnology specializations, and they can work in the Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Health, Industry, Agriculture, Interior, Defense, and Environment.